Simpo PDF Password Remover – Remove Password from PDFs

June 23, 2010, in order to help you deal with your PDF files much easier, Simpo Technologies announce to release a new product - Simpo PDF Password Remover.

Simpo PDF Password Remover is designed to remove password and restrictions from PDF. Many people may meet one problem as below: You cannot copy, edit or print a PDF file, even cannot open it when there is a user password to protect the PDF from opening. But now, by using Simpo PDF Password Remover, your problem is solved easily.

What’s most attractive?
With this excellent application, you could remove the user password of a PDF when you enter the original user password to unlock it first, and then open it anytime if you want. What’s more, Simpo PDF Password Remover allows you to remove restrictions (owner password) of copying, editing and printing from PDF files, this function of removing restrictions helps a lot when you want to copy contents from a PDF and edit or print PDF documents.

What’s more?
Someone may be concerned on the security of output PDF files. "If I don’t want other people also have the right to open, copy or edit my PDFs after I have removed password and have modified, how to protect my output PDF files?" Does not worry, Simpo PDF Password Remover allow you to reset user and owner password of your output PDFs with high security – 128bit RC4 and AES encryption?

Anything else is useful?
Of course, Simpo PDF Password Remover support imputing a batch of PDF files and removing password at a time, it’s so helpful to save your time.

Price & Product Information for Simpo PDF Password Remover
Price: $19.95
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