Simpo PDF to Excel is Released for Christmas with 20% off

Dec. 9th, 2010 - Simpo PDF to Excel converter is released and given a discount of 20% off for the coming Christmas.

Simpo PDF to Excel Converter is always used to convert PDF files to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. It will convert PDF to Excel with more accuracy, text and tables are preserved exactly from PDF to Excel, what's more, the layouts and formatting will be retained so that you don't need to reformat the converted Excel spreadsheets.

What can Simpo PDF to Excel converter do for you?

1. Save PDF tables to Excel in 2 methods. Sometimes you only need to export PDF tables to Excel, not want to convert the whole PDF to Excel spreadsheets, this PDF to Excel converter has the capacity to fulfill your need.

2. Convert each PDF page to one Excel sheet. You don't need to reformat the converted Excel spreadsheets after converting PDF, as Simpo PDF to Excel converter will convert each PDF page to one Excel sheet.

3. Convert batch PDF files to Excel. This functionality is very useful to save your time. You can convert up to 200 PDF files at a time for batch conversion.

4. Save PDF to Excel in 3 types. Normal PDF to Excel converter can well save PDF to .xls/.xlsx format, this is not enough. So, Simpo PDF to Excel converter adds another type - .CSV to save your PDF files.

5. Save time with faster speed. Not only the conversion speed is much faster, but also it supports to import PDF files by drag-and-drop function to save time again.

Price & Product Information for PDF to Excel Converter

Price: original $29.95, now $23.96 during the Christmas Sale.

Product Information:

Something about Christmas sale:

Besides the new released PDF to Excel converter and PDF to PowerPoint are given a discount of 20% off, all Simpo Products can be owned with big discount. Single product is 20% off, two PDF bundles are 30% off, and a PDF Deluxe Pack is 50% off, the best buy of all. The promotion has ended and the link is not clickable:


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