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Jul 09th, 2010 -- Simpo Technologies Website changed the interface. The new interface is much friendly and easier to use. You can access to, and then you will have a feeling that it’s a real eye-popper, and you will love it just like me. 

Home Session: In the homepage, you will find three representative products of different features, PDF Creator Pro for creating, PDF to Word for converting, PDF Merge & Split for editing. What’s most possible to catch your eyes? Yes, it’s the PDF Super Pack; it’s a package of these three typical creators and converters, and now there is a 35% off discount, only $49.95. You earned it! Access to linkage: to get this package.

Product Part: You can find all the Simpo products according in this session, total seven products now classified to three kinds – for creating(including PDF Creator Pro, PDF Creator Lite, Word to PDF), for converting(including PDF to Word, PDF to Text), for editing(PDF Merge & Split, PDF Password Remover contained), just click relevant button to see more details. And the most popular products – Simpo PDF to Word is recommended on the top. Click below link to know more about these seven products:

Purchase Page: You can go to this page to possess these useful and helpful products as your need.

Support Centre: It is about general question, how to retrieve key code and how to contact us for help, what’s more, there is a knowledge base including Tutorial, Press and Online Help to help you use Simpo Products easier.

Resource Section: You will find news about Simpo products and online help in this page.

After all, Simpo Technologies will commit us to improve the convenience for your easier use.

About Simpo Technologies
Founded in the year of 2008, Simpo Technologies is an award-winning supplier in the field of PDF conversion and PDF creation software. Though as a young company, Simpo Tech. is recognized by the word as the good quality of PDF products.