How to annotate PDF on Mac with Preview

Appleā€™s Preview is more than just an efficient program for viewing a PDF, viewing graphics and running slide shows. Preview, installed on all new Macs and a underused feature for many Mac users, allows you to highlight text in PDF on Mac, add text to images, annotate PDF on Mac, combine PDF files to one on Mac, print multiple images on one page, and more.

You can do all above without using an image editor or additional PDF tool, just with the powerful PDF annotator - Preview, which is default built in all Mac computers and support all OS X, including Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard.

In this article, I will show details on how to annotate PDF on Mac OS X with Preview. If you want to or need to annotate PDF on Mac OS X, just follow me.

First, open any PDF you want to annotate in Preview;

Second, go to the Tools Menu and choose Annotate;

Third, select to Add Oval, Add Rectangle, Add Note or Add Link;

Apple Preview - annotate PDF on Mac

Or you can go to the View Menu and select Show Annotation Toolbar, then this toolbar will display at the bottom of your document as below.

Preview Annotate - add text to PDF

Fourth, now you can annotate PDF on Mac with different functions: Arrow, Oval, Rectangle, Text, Note and Link, just select the tool of choice.

Let's choose Text for example, choose Add Text from the list or Aa on the toolbar, now you can add text to PDF, customize text fonts, size, color, and more.

Preview Annotate - add and highlight text

These annotation tools are toggled on and off. They stay active until you select another tool or click the active tool to turn it off.

It is easy to annotate PDF on Mac with the Preview. Of course, the PDF annotator of Preview also allows you to modify the PDF text by giving it Highlight, Strike Through and Underline, but it not really edit PDF text on Mac OS X, for instance, delete text from a PDF. If you want to edit PDF text on Mac OS X, you'd better convert the PDF file to editable Word document and then edit PDF contents in Word.