Highlight Text in PDF on Mac with Preview

Sometimes, you may want to highlight the text in PDF file to make the important contents obviously seen for other people. For Windows users, you may need a professional PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat Pro. But for Mac users, they are lucky enough to use the built-in function - Preview, to highlight text in PDF. How to highlight PDF text on Mac OS X with Preview? Follow me.

First, click the Annotate button on the toolbar; several annotation buttons appear at the bottom of the Preview window, including Arrow, Oval, Rectangle, Text, Note, Link, Highlight, Strikethrough, Underline, Color Menu, Line Width Menu, and Font Panel.

Mac Preview to highlight text

Second, click the highlight button as above, and now you can select the PDF text you want to highlight.

Done! The process to highlight text in PDF on Mac with Preview is really easy, isn't it? You don't need the help of a third party software to do this and can do this at any time on any PDF pages. And you can set the color to highlight PDF text.

Or if you want more functions or flexibility to highlight text in PDF, you may convert the PDF file to Word and highlight text in Word, then save Word back to PDF with preview. Why PDF to Word on Mac? As most people are used to Word for content editing or changing and think Word is much easier to edit or highlight text.

Step 1, download the PDF converter for Mac and install it onto your Mac computer. Simpo PDF to Word for Mac supports to OS X Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard and Lion. If you are using one of the three Mac system, you can download it to have a try.

Step 2, convert PDF to Word for editing. Just add the PDF files to the PDF to Word converter's interface and click the Convert button to convert your PDF files to editable Word format.

Step 3, edit PDF in Word.

Step 4, convert Word back to PDF with Preview.

If you are more accustomed to Word processors to highlight text, you can use the latter way, even it is a bit trouble.