How Do I Print PDF Files

PDF has globally becomes the most popular file format and there are more than 150 million PDF documents available on the web today. And it's inevitable that you will receive many PDF files, along with some disturbed problems. Most people may have come across this case: you receive a large number of PDF files and want to print PDF files out, but only find that you cannot print the PDF file. What will you do then? Give up the printing? Of course not, we can find another way to print a PDF out finally.

First, you need read PDF security properties to check if the PDF file is printable or not: Open a PDF file -> go to Document on Menu Bar -> choose Security -> click Show Security Properties.

check PDF security properties

Case 1: PDF file is printable

Then you will see the detail security information of this PDF file as below and you will see that the PDF file is allowed printing, then you can directly print PDF out with a common printer.

print pdf printable

Case 2: PDF is not printable

If the PDF file is not printable, you will see below information in Security Properties:

print pdf not printable

This PDF file is not only disallowed printing, but it also disallowed copying and page extraction. In this case, we cannot directly print or copy the PDF contents with a common way like case 1. But we can use a 3rd party software, PDF Password Remover, to remove the PDF's password and restrictions to make it printable, and then print out the PDF as need.

1, click to download the PDF Password Remover.

2, click Add PDF(s) button to add the PDF files that you want to remove password. This PDF Password Remover supports to remove restrictions for a batch of PDF files.

remove PDF restrictions to make it printable

3, press the Begin button to remove the PDF files' password.

4, print them out.

Of course, you have to remove the restrictions of PDF with legal right and then print those PDF files out as normal.