How to Convert PDF to EPUB

Want to convert Adobe PDF to EPUB for easy sharing and viewing? Actually, there are many PDF to EPUB converters on the internet for help to convert PDF to EPUB so that you can read EPUB ebooks in iPad 4, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 4, Sony Reader or other eBook readers. In this article, I will introduce you a free online PDF to EPUB converter - convert to EPUB, with which you can free convert your PDF ebooks to EPUB format.

First. Upload the PDF file

Go to website:, then you will see somewhere like below to upload your PDF file. There are two ways for you to choose - Upload local PDF files and Enter the PDF file URL to convert online PDF to Epub.

convert PDF to Epub onlinie

Second. Select target ebook reader

This online PDF to EPUB converter allows you to choose different ebook reader so that you can directly transfer the converted EPUB file to your ebook reader. It supports most popular ebook readers, Kindle, iPad, Sony, Nook and Bambook, etc. So many choices to meet your needs! You can also change the ebook title and author if you want.

select ebook reader

Third. Convert PDF to EPUB

Click 'Convert file' button to start to convert PDF to EPUB. Few seconds later, your PDF file is converted to EPUB format.

Yes, it is easy to convert PDF to Epub, just in three steps, you can convert your PDF files into EPUB format, and now you can transfer them to your mobile ebook reader and enjoy the EPUB e-books reading.

Tips: Like all online PDF converters, this PDF to EPUB converter only allows converting one PDF file to EPUB format at a time, it not supports batch conversion. Anyway, it's totally free! And if you want to convert PDF to other file formats like Word, PowerPoint or images, you can use a multi-feature PDF converter.

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