How to convert PowerPoint to Word

Why we want to convert PowerPoint to Word?

The conversion from PowerPoint to Word will create a Word document containing thumbnail versions of your slides meant for handouts to the audience. These handouts will show either your speaker notes pages with a miniature version of each slide or simply handout pages with areas for the audience to jot notes during your presentation.

Even it's really a quick and easy process to convert PowerPoint to Word, different versions of the PowerPoint software give different conversion results. Below list several solutions for different Microsoft Office PowerPoint versions, you can choose one as your specific need.

Case 1, convert PowerPoint to Word on Mac

If you're an Apple fan using Macintosh and want to convert PowerPoint to Word, just follow below steps:

1. Open your presentation file in PowerPoint;

2. Click open the "File" menu. Click "Send To" and "Microsoft Word." Microsoft Word automatically opens with the converted file;

3. Click Word's "File" menu and select "Save" to save the file as a Word document; In PowerPoint 2008, only the slide titles will be converted over to Word in outline form. In PowerPoint 2004, the entire text content of each slide is converted over to Word, but no graphics are included.

4. Click the "File" menu in PowerPoint, then click "Print" and choose "Handouts" or "Notes" from the "Print What:" drop-down menu to print these items instead of converting the presentation to Word first.

Or you can choose to convert PowerPoint to PDF and convert PDF to Word on Mac, but this way is not reliable, as the conversion result depends on the original PowerPoint presentation and the way to save PPT to PDF.


Case 2, convert PowerPoint 2007 to Word for Windows

If you are using Office 2007 for Windows users, you can use this way to convert PPTX to Docx.

1. Open your presentation file in PowerPoint.

2. Click the "Office" button in the upper left of the screen and choose "Publish" and go to "Create Handouts in Microsoft Word".

convert powerpoint to word

3. Choose a layout for the slides and notes, then click "OK." This automatically launches Microsoft Word. A new document will open that contains slide thumbnails, slide notes or the outline layout you selected.

convert point to word
4. Click the "Office" menu in Word, then click "Save" to convert PPTX to Docx.

Case 3, convert PowerPoint 2003 to Word for Windows

There is no big difference between to convert Pptx to Docx and to convert ppt to doc.

1. Open the presentation file in PowerPoint.

2. Click the "File" menu, then "Send to," then "Microsoft Office Word" in the sub-menu.convert pptx to docx
3. Choose the format for your exported file in the "Send to Microsoft Office Word" dialog box. You can place slide notes next to the slide, below the slide or not show them at all. You can also omit the slide graphics and include just an outline of the text on the slides. Click "OK" when you've made your selection. Microsoft Word will open with the resulting file.

4. Click the "File" menu in Word, then click "Save" to save the contents from the presentation as a Word document.

Above are methods to convert PowerPoint to Word, it's really easy. But it is much easier to convert PowerPoint to PDF, just with a easy-to-use PDF creator, you can finish this in seconds.

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