How to Delete PDF Pages on Mac with Preview

It's very easy to delete PDF pages from an existing PDF document on Mac OS X. Adobe of course wants you to think that you need to purchase the full version Adobe Acrobat Pro in order to do editing and updates to PDF files. However, the Preview application that Apple includes for free in all Macs will accomplish the same task to delete PDF pages on Mac without costing you anything.

Here’s how to delete PDF pages on Mac OS X with Preview:

Step 1, open the PDF document in Preview.

Step 2, display the sidebar. If it’s not visible, you can press Command-shift-D to make it visible.

Step 3, delete any PDF pages as you want to.

A) To delete one PDF page, just select the PDF page and press Command-Delete, or go to Edit > click to Delete PDF page.

Preview on Mac OS X to delete PDF pages

B) To delete two PDF pages, you can delete the two pages individually as above to delete one PDF page on Mac or select both and delete them together.

C) To delete many PDF pages:

a) if you want to delete a contiguous range of pages, click the first page in the selection and then shift-click the last page and Preview will select all the pages in between for you, and you can delete all PDF pages on Mac OS X;

b) if you want to select discontinuous pages, then click the first page you want to select and then cmd-click the remaining pages you want to select, all selected PDF pages will be deleted in seconds.

Note: the thumbnails of the selected PDF pages are highlighted in blue in the sidebar as above.

Step 4, save other PDF pages as a new PDF. Choose File > Save to overwrite the original PDF document with the updated one we just created, or choose File > Save As to save the new version with the deleted pages to another new PDF file.

With Apple's Preview, you can not only delete PDF pages on Mac OS X, but also to move a PDF page to any position in PDF, just select one PDF page and drag it to the desired location. Actually, Preview provides many functionalities, such as, combine PDFs, annotate PDF on Mac, however, it's a bit pity that Preview doesn't allow you to edit PDF text on Mac and you have to download a third party program to do this if you want to.

But if you are Windows users, there is no Preview function, luckily, you can use a PDF splitter to do this if need.