How to view and create PDF document on a Mac?

Generally, people need to install a free PDF reader like Adobe Reader to view PDF documents in Windows platform computer. It is much easier for you to view PDF on Mac, as there is an application called Preview which is installed by default on a Mac. With this application, you can preview and create PDF on a Mac easily.

View PDF on Mac

Just double-click the PDF file you want to read, it will be opened in Preview. The first page of the file displays in the main window, while a side drawer shows its content. If the drawer isn't displayed, click the Drawer button at the top of the Window. In addition, there is an additional functionality within Preview. It allows you to bookmark a page so that you can come back to it next time you open the PDF file, just choose Add Bookmark from the Bookmarks menu, and type a name for the bookmark page in resulting dialog. This feature makes your PDF reading convenient any time.

Preview - add bookmarks

However, Preview function only comes in handy for the case you already have a PDF document. What will you do if you don't have? Take it easy, you can effortlessly create a PDF document on a Mac, no need other support application.

Create PDF on a Mac

All Mac users can easily create PDF with a print function, just follow below steps, you can get a printed PDF document from other file format effortless.

1. Open the file you want to convert to PDF

2. Click File > Print

3. Click PDF button and choose Save as PDF option at the bottom of the pop-up box.

Then you can enter a descriptive name and choose a file folder as the location for created PDF files. Just with three steps, you can create PDF on a Mac easily in seconds.

If you are Windows users, then you need to download a PDF creator to create other files to PDF, as Windows does not provide a function as Preview. You can try Simpo PDF Creator Pro, which will create PDF efficiently, but it is not compatible with Mac OS X.