Preview - free Mac PDF creator

Nowadays, PDF has become one the most common file format for distributing and sharing, as PDF files have a variety of advantage features like security, compact size and compatibility with any platform, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. If you are using Mac, it is really easy to create PDF files; with the free Mac PDF creator - Preview function, which is default installed in all Mac computers, you can create PDF free on Mac OS X effortlessly.

Below is how to use this free Mac PDF creator to print and create files to PDF format.

1. Open the file you want to create to PDF;

2. Click File > go to Print;

3. Click PDF button on the bottom left in the pop up dialog box and choose Save as PDF option.

4. Give a descriptive name and choose a file location for created PDF files, then click Print to convert files to PDF.

Done! You don’t need to have existing printers set up on your Mac, and you don’t need to install a special third-party virtual printer driver. For most people in most situations this PDF support function will be sufficient to create PDF free on Mac. But you can buy Adobe Acrobat Pro if you want to edit PDF text on Mac, or you can convert the PDF file to editable Word with some PDF to Word converter for Mac and edit PDF in Word, then convert Word back to PDF.

Actually, the Preview application not only works as a PDF creator to create PDF free on Mac OS X, but it also provides Mac users many functions to deal with PDF files, for instance, you can easily annotate PDF or add note and comments in a PDF for easy reading, print multiple images on one page, highlight text in PDF on Mac, add text to images, combine PDF files to one, and more.

If you are using Windows, don't be frustrated! There are many free Windows PDF creator you can make use of to create PDF files, like Simpo PDF Creator Lite.