Top 5 PDF to Doc converters - free, online and desktop

Below enumerate several free PDF to Doc converters, online PDF to Doc converters and desktop PDF to Doc converters; you can choose a suitable one as after comparing them.

1. Online PDF to Doc converter

In the long list, there are some online PDF to Doc converters, and most of them are totally free to use.

A. PDFtoWordconverter is an excellent free online PDF to Doc converter. It's extremely easy to use: Choose File -> Convert and Download the converted Word document. The disadvantage is that it only supports to convert one PDF file at a time.

It's the easiest and most popular online PDF to Doc converter anyway. If you come across to convert PDF to Doc occasionally, you can try this way.

online pdf to doc converter

B. ZamZar is another free PDF to Doc converter. Actually, it will be more accurate to call ZamZar a PDF converter, as it can not only convert PDF to Doc, but also convert PDF to other formats like PDF to xlsx, PDF to PPT, etc. However, it only converts one PDF file at a time and takes a long time to wait for the converted Word file, as ZamZar will send it to your email you have entered.

Note: ZamZar requires an email address to receive the converted Word document.

C. PDFOnline is just as easy to use as PDFtoWordconverter, no need to provide an email address, but there is a small watermark at the end of the converted Word document even we can delete it manually in converted Word.

2. Desktop PDF to Doc converter

There are many free online PDF to Doc converters, but referring to free desktop PDF to Doc converter, you can barely find one, so, below list two paid desktop PDF to Doc converters for reference. And most desktop PDF to Doc converters support batch conversion, that means, you can convert a batch of PDF files to Word documents at a time.

D. Simpo PDF to Word is an economical desktop PDF to Doc converter, as it also supports to convert PDF to Text, i.e. you don't need to pay for another PDF to Text converter.

The drawback is that it's not free yet, $29.95, but provides a free trial version with some features restricted.

E. NitroPDF Pro is a full featured PDF software like Adobe Acrobat, works as a PDF maker, editor and workflow manager. This desktop PDF to Doc converter even costs more, $199. It also supports free trial.

After the comparison of above top 5 PDF to Doc converters, you can make the choice now to fulfill the need to convert PDF to Doc.