What is Microsoft Word used for?

Microsoft Office Word is a non-free commercial word processor designed by Microsoft. It is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft Word is currently the most common word processor on the market. And the file .doc/.docx format has become one of the popular format for text documents.

What is Microsoft Word used for

MS Word is a popular word-processing program used primarily for creating documents such as letters, brochures, learning activities, tests, quizzes and students' homework assignments. There are many simple but useful features available in Microsoft Word to make it easier for study and work. That's why so many people would prefer to convert the read-only PDF to editable Word and edit PDF in Word.

Useful features in Microsoft Word

1. Check document for spelling and grammar errors

After typing contents in the Word document, you can use the spell checker to find out those words that have typing errors so that you can correct them, and makes it easier to replace words or phrases through out the Word document by the Word recommendation.

You can access this command using this way: go to the Review tab, click Spelling & Grammar in the Proofing group.

2. Add Header, Footer and Page Number

To make it easier to organize Word contents well, Microsoft Word does not only allows you to separate contents into different paragraphs based on topics, it also lets you add Page Number, Header and Footer to each Word page so that the readers can easily indicate the main subject and the position, where he or she is, in the Word document.

You can add Page Number, Header and Footer by these steps: go to Insert tab, find Header & Footer group on the top, click Header, Footer or Page Number to type information and settings.

3. Protect Word document with password

After typing contents in the Word document, you may want to set password to protect it. It is easy: click the Office button, go to Prepare, click Encrypt Document, type a password in the dialog box and then click OK.

Some alternatives for Microsoft Word:

A. Google Drive. It is an online Word processing service provided by Google. Only with a free Google account, you can easily create a Office-Word-like document, and it is Document, the name of Word processor.

B. Apple iWork Pages. Another word processor developed by Apple, and it just works on Mac and compatible all OS X system, such as Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard.

Conversion between Word and other formats:

Save Word as PDF: Sometimes you want to save your Word documents to PDF to make it possible for easy sharing with other users.

Convert PDF back to Word: To make changes in a PDF file, it is not easy, but you you can convert the PDF to Word, after all, Word is much easier for editing, as we all know.

Convert Word to PowerPoint: You can easily export Word keynotes to PowerPoint presentation outline, saving time to retype contents in a PowerPoint file.